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P3 Ultimate Mono Grip – On Target

AR Report Stag Arms Model 2T By Ben Battles PICK UP ALMOST ANY OFF-THE-SHELF AR-15 style rifle or carbine produced today, and except for embellishments in areas where components are easily swapped in and out – such as fore-ends and buttstocks – you’ll notice very few differences in their core construction.  The working parts are… Read More »

P3 Ultimate Mono Grip – Gun Digest

P3 Mono-Grip from CTK Precision Is Foregrip and Monopod In One The P3 Mono-Grip turns a vertical foregrip into a shooting rest with a twist of the wrist. The P-3 provides a rock-solid support but still provides flexibility and versatility when you need it most. The design lets you immediately pivot your firearm from left… Read More »