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Articles that discuss the shooting equipment and gun accessories from CTK Precision.

AR50 Carrying Handle – Small Arms Review

New ArmaLite AR50 Carry Handle from CTK Precision By Chris Choat Introducing the AR BMG50 Carrying Handle from CTK Precision.  The AR BMG 50 Carrying Handle allows single handed carrying of the 33+ lbs. ArmaLite AR50.  The AR BMG 50 Carrying Handle is CNC Machined from 6061 aluminum with a Mil Spec hardcoat anodized finish. … Read More »

P3 Ultimate Mono Grip – On Target

AR Report Stag Arms Model 2T By Ben Battles PICK UP ALMOST ANY OFF-THE-SHELF AR-15 style rifle or carbine produced today, and except for embellishments in areas where components are easily swapped in and out – such as fore-ends and buttstocks – you’ll notice very few differences in their core construction.  The working parts are… Read More »

P3 Ultimate Monopod – On Target – Project Gun

PROJECT GUN By Ben Battles Williams Gun Sight Co. Project 700 When you think of Williams Gun Sight – a company that’s been around for 81 years – you probably think of gun sights, right?  Well, I’m hear to expand your horizons, and let you know that there’s also a team of highly skilled gunsmiths… Read More »

P3 Ultimate Mono Grip – Gun Digest

P3 Mono-Grip from CTK Precision Is Foregrip and Monopod In One The P3 Mono-Grip turns a vertical foregrip into a shooting rest with a twist of the wrist. The P-3 provides a rock-solid support but still provides flexibility and versatility when you need it most. The design lets you immediately pivot your firearm from left… Read More »