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P3 Ultimate Gun Vise & Shooting Rest Review – BigGunner81

From the BigGunner81 channel, a review of the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise & Shooting Rest. In this review, Rick shows how quickly the unit converts from a gun vise to a shooting rest. He also highlights how the rest can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of rifles and pistols. More Info: P3 Ultimate Gun… Read More »

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise & Shooting Rest Review – Tactical Preacher

From the Tactical Preacher, a review and range demo of the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise and Shooting Rest. During this review, the Shooting Rest easily accommodates both a Henry Big Boy All-Weather lever-action rifle in .44 Magnum, and a Ruger Super Redhawk revolver. More Info: P3 Ultimate Gun Vise P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest