P3 Ultimate Gun Vise – Gunsmith Heaven

By | July 28, 2015

We know that the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is a great tool for gunsmiths. But, we still love hearing it from our customers! In the following testimonial, Charlie from Georgia Airguns discusses his experience with the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise.

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise – Gunsmith Heaven


Curt, I just wanted to let you know after a couple of months using the P3 Ultimate Gun rest with the two gun vise/clamp attachments on it, I am in gunsmith heaven. I use this vise all day long on both firearms and high end adult Airguns and it is the best. I did pour #9 lead shot into the rails to make it even heavier and it is extremely stable. When I have customers come over I proudly show it off, I also let them know if they are serious about working on their guns this is the only way to go.

Put it this way, I would have gladly paid twice the price. Did I mention I am happy with your product.

Thanks again
Charlie Frear
Georgia Airguns