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Manufacturer of shooting equipment and gun accessories.

Precision Reloading Products (Bullet Tipping Die, Hoover Meplat Trimmer, Concentricity Gauge)

CTK Precision & Accuracy One Showcase Precision Reloading Products Clintonville, WI – April 2018 – CTK Precision and Accuracy One have joined forces once again with the launch of This site is designed to showcase their line of precision reloading products, including the Bullet Tipping Die, Hoover Meplat Trimmer, and Concentricity Gauge. Bullet Tipping Die: Reduces… Read More »

Remington 700 Tactical 308 Rifle Accuracy Test from P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest

In this video review, the CountryMash channel uses the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest while testing the accuracy of a Remington 700 Tactical 308 rifle equipped with a Hogue Pillar Stock. Designed to accommodate both rifles and pistols, the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest can be converted to a gun vise with the optional Gun Vise Attachment, which is… Read More »