CTK Precision Announces Release of P3 Ultimate Target Stand

By | May 29, 2014
CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand

P3 Ultimate Target Stand

Marion, WI, May 29, 2014 – CTK Precision, a manufacturer of shooting equipment and gun accessories, has announced the release of their P3 Ultimate Target Stand.

The P3 Ultimate Target Stand is designed to give shooters a stable target stand that can be adjusted to accommodate paper and cardboard targets of virtually any size. It sets up and breaks down in seconds, with no tools required.

For those that tire of shooting paper targets, CTK Precision offers the optional Bottle Holder Add-On. This allows the shooter to hang water-filled plastic bottles from the P3 Ultimate Target Stand, providing a more reactive target experience.

Included Parts:

  • 2 Target Stand Support Legs
  • 2 Target Stand Support Braces
  • 4 Knobs
  • 4 Large Paper Target Clips

User Supplies:

  • Wooden furring strips (available at most home improvement stores)
  • Paper or cardboard targets

For more information on the P3 Ultimate Target Stand, visit CTK Precision.

About CTK Precision

CTK Precision is a U.S. based manufacturer of shooting equipment and gun accessories.  Their products are designed to maximize firearm efficiency, giving shooters more accuracy and range time.  For more information on CTK Precision products, visit www.ctkprecision.com. CTK Precision is also available on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ctkprecision

P3 Ultimate Target Stand

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