XM16E1 Build on P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest

In this photo, CTK Precision’s very own Kyle uses the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest to show off his old school XM16E1 build. This rifle features Nodak Spud upper and lower receivers, a Criterion barrel, and vintage furniture. More Info: P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest  

STI DVC 1911 Pistol from P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest

Competitive shooter Cheyenne Dalton gives us a look at her STI DVC 1911 Pistol and P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest. The P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest quickly adjusts to accommodate both pistols and rifles.   A photo posted by CTK Precision (@ctkprecision) on Nov 10, 2016 at 5:10pm PST More Info: P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest  

Ruger Precision Rifle with Ultimate Rail-Pod

Thanks to Kyle for this great photo of his Ultimate Rail-Pod equipped Ruger Precision Rifle. In this photo, the Rail-Pod is in the folded position. Once deployed, the Rail-Pod can extend up to 6.38 inches. A photo posted by CTK Precision (@ctkprecision) on Oct 20, 2016 at 6:56am PDT More Info: Ultimate Rail-Pod  

Universal Brass Catcher Maximizes Shooting Range Efficiency

John McQuay will waste no range time picking up brass since he is using the Universal Brass Catcher while zeroing his LR-17 riflescope. Because the Universal Brass Catcher does not attach to your firearm, it will not interfere with proper firearm function. A photo posted by CTK Precision (@ctkprecision) on Oct 14, 2016 at 6:29am… Read More »